Railay, Thailand

Warm turquoise waters and a golden sandy beach, all cocooned by towering limestone cliffs and fringed by palm trees. That about encapsulates the beauty of Railay.

Eat Me, Bangkok

One of Asia’s top 50 restaurants with a creative mix of Asian flavours and western ingredients.

Busuanga Bay Lodge, Coron, Philippines

Perched on a slope overlooking the western side of Coron Bay, Busuanga Bay Lodge (or BBL as it is known locally) stands apart from many other resorts in Coron. It is not your average hotel. And that in itself is part of the reason we chose to spend a few nights there.     If you read…

nahm, Bangkok

Traditional Thai food with sophisticated spicing and innovative delicacies

Hotel Muse, Bangkok

Hotel Muse – bringing an era of decadence and opulence into the 21st century


Do you think that overwater bungalows are outside your price range? How about spacious bungalows nestled between palm trees on a white beach? If holidays like this are merely a pipe dream for you, then Langkawi may be the destination that you’ve been looking for.

Siem Reap

So, Cambodia and Siem Reap. It’s just like Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider, right? Well, yes, there are lots of temples in one state or another, but there’s lots more to it than that.